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PAU Art History Commission


Chairperson Marcin Fabiański
Deputy Chairperson Marek Walczak
Secretary Wojciech Walanus



The commission for enquiry into art history was formed in 1873 and became the major forum for the development of the discipline in Poland. Its series of publications include "Reports of the Commission for Enquiry into Art History in Poland" (nine volumes; 1877–1915; Links to digital version) and Proceedings of the PAU Art History Commission (ten volumes; 1917–1952). In 1964-1995 this commission operated as the Commission for the Theory and History of Art of the Kraków Branch of PAN and issued the annual "Folia Historiae Artium" (thirty volumes; 1964–1994) during that period.  In 1995 it became part of the PAU structure and continued to issue Folia Historiae Artium (from 1995, New Series, eighteen volumes to date).
The research topics presented at the commission’s meetings concern Polish and European art from antiquity to recent times. The presentations require both a solid grounding in methodology and an in-depth account of the topic based on a command of the subject literature. Papers are often presented by researchers from various Polish universities as well as from abroad who are not members of the commission. Its conferences and sessions are very popular among young art historians.
The most interesting papers appear in the commission’s scholarly publication: the annual "Folia Historiae Artium", which is supported by the Lanckoroński Foundation.  Digital versions of all of these volumes are available online ((; volumes 13-18 of the New Series can be found at:
Prof. dr hab. Wojciech Bałus is its academic editor.

Go to the webpage of „Folia Historiae Artium”.


Commission Members


    PAU Members
    Prof. dr hab. Wojciech Bałus
Prof. dr hab. Marcin Fabiański
Prof. dr hab. Sergiusz Michalski
Prof. dr hab. Stanisław Mossakowski
Prof. dr hab. Jan Ostrowski
Prof. dr hab. Maria Poprzęcka
Prof. dr hab. Jacek Purchla
Prof. dr hab. Antoni Ziemba
    Commission Members
    Dr hab. Maria Bernasikowa
Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Betlej
Dr Beata Biedrońska-Słotowa
Dr hab. Albert Boesten-Stengel
Dr Katarzyna Brzezina-Scheuerer
Mgr Krzysztof Czyżewski
Dr Paweł Dettloff
Dr hab. Józef Grabski
Dr Piotr Grotowski
Prof. dr hab. Tomasz Gryglewicz
Dr hab. Maria Hussakowska-Szyszko
Dr hab. Waldemar Komorowski
Prof. dr hab. Piotr Krasny
Dr hab. Mirosław Piotr Kruk
Dr hab. Michał Myśliński
Mgr Dariusz Nowacki
Dr hab. Paweł Pencakowski, prof. ASP
Mgr Jerzy Petrus
Dr Magdalena Piwocka
Dr Katarzyna Płonka-Bałus
Dr hab. Teresa Rodzińska-Chorąży
Dr Józef Skrabski
Dr Sławomir Skrzyniarz
Dr hab. Małgorzata Smorąg-Różycka
Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Szczerski
Dr Marcin Szyma
Prof. dr hab. Ewa Śnieżyńska-Stolot
Dr Wojciech Walanus
Prof. dr hab. Marek Walczak
Prof. dr hab. Tomasz Węcławowicz
Ks. prof. dr hab. Andrzej Witko
Dr hab. Andrzej Włodarek, prof. UPJPII
Dr hab. Marek Zgórniak, prof. UJ
Dr Joanna Ziętkiewicz-Kotz
Mgr Jerzy Żmudziński