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Branch Offices and Scientific Stations


Scientific Station in Katowice


By a resolution of its council of 29 November 2013, PAU’s first Arts and Science Station was established in the building of the University of Silesia in Katowice at ul. Bankowa 4. The Station, which integrates the scientific community of Silesia and the whole of Poland, strengthens cooperation between scholars from different universities and facilitates interaction between researchers representing both the sciences and the humanities, which makes it possible to tackle difficult interdisciplinary research topics and to share experiences and outlooks. It is instrumental too in raising funds for scholarships, organising scientific and cultural undertakings, and facilitating access to PAU publications.



Gdańsk PAU Arts and Science Station


For the scientific community of Pomerania, the establishment of the Gdańsk Arts and Science Station was an important event. It would not have happened without the proposals and efforts of PAU members prof. dr. hab. n. med. Janusz Limon and prof. dr. hab. Józef Borzyszkowski, president of the Kashubian Institute and of the Council of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, which established the Gdańsk Arts and Science Base in June 2014. Prof. Józef Borzyszkowski was chosen to organise the Gdańsk Arts and Science Base and its Kashubian Commission. The PAU Council approved the composition of the Kashubian Commission’s members and council in January 2015. The Gdańsk Arts and Science Base has its headquarters in Dom Kaszubski [Kashubian House] at ul. Straganarska 22.

The PAU units outside Kraków


Do pozakrakowskich agend PAU należy Komisja Przyrodniczo-Medyczna PAU we Wrocławiu.


Arts and Science Station abroad


In 1994, a PAU Arts and Science Base was established in New York under the auspices of the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America , which kept the PAU tradition alive during World War II (from 1942) and during PAU’s suspension in 1952–1989. It was not possible to continue its brief period of activity owing to a lack of funds. We are striving to revive it.

Contacts were also established with the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in Canada , which was established in 1943 as a branch of the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in New York and which has operated as an independent Canadian institute since 1976. It also assumed the status of a PAU Arts and Science Base. We have already published five books together and also support the Canadian base by sending speakers. In addition, PAU provides financial and administrative support for the organisation of academic sessions (Czesław Miłosz, Witold Lutosławski, Witold Gombrowicz, Tadeusz Romer).