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naglowek dzialalnosc

The ‘Kraków Scientific Conferences’ programme was proposed by the Kraków Consultative Council for Scientific Affairs appointed by the President of the City of Kraków. It has been running since 2011 and provides funding for the best conferences and symposia organised by the scientific community in Kraków. The focus is on international conferences lasting a minimum of two days and attracting a large number of participants. In addition to supporting scientific activities, the programme aims to promote Kraków as a city of learning, research, culture, and tourism.
Funding for its implementation is provided by the City of Krakow, and a competition to identify conferences worthy of financial support is organised by the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences. The competition’s commission is composed of representatives of the rectors and presidents of eleven universities and research institutions in Krakow and the directors of the relevant city council departments.
It meets at the beginning of each year to evaluate the proposals submitted and to allocate funds. Administrative support for the competition is provided by PAU, and the contracts are concluded and the money transferred by the City of Krakow.
Approximately eighty conferences are supported each year.