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Class II: History and Philosophy


Director Janusz Kruk
Deputy Director Andrzej Kastory
Krzysztof Ożóg
Jacek Purchla


Class II Commissions:

The faculty brings together historians, archaeologists, philosophers, lawyers, sociologists, and ethnologists. It holds monthly scholarly meetings, some of them jointly with Faculty I.

In its research and publishing work, the faculty engages with the following themes:

1. Sources for the history of the Government of the Republic of Poland in exile: protocols of sittings of the Council of Ministers (volumes I–VIII published so far), volume of supplements: Documents of the Government of the Republic of Poland in exile and Dispatches from the Legation of the Republic of Poland in London volume I. and volume II.
2. Sources of the history of Old Poland: completion of the critical re-edition of Jan Długosz’s immense work Annales seu cronicae incliti Regni Poloniae (11 volumes in Latin and as many in Polish), four volumes of the series Monumenta Poloniae Historica (new series), four volumes of the series Monumenta Sacra Polonorum, and two volumes of the series Monumenta Poloniae Vaticana.
3. Publication of the Records of the Apostolic Nunciature in Poland, which was already underway when PAU (Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences) was AU (The Academy of Arts and Sciences). The latter institution, PAU’s predecessor, published four large volumes in 1915–1952. Publication was continued as a new series by the Polish Historical Institute in Rome under the direction of Karolina Lanckorońska in 1990–2003 (24 volumes were published). Since 1995, Faculty II has continued the series and the Lanckoroński Foundation has provided the funds to support it. To date, 21 volumes have been published in this series by PAU.
4. Since the reactivation of PAU, Faculty II has issued well over forty volumes in its ‘Rozprawy’ [Treatises] series. Most are in Polish but some are in English or in French.
5.The achievements of Faculty II also include a number of non-series publications – particularly those prepared in cooperation with academies of sciences in Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, and Ukraine.
6. Faculty II organises annual symposia.