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Class III: Sciences and Technology

(to June 2016: Faculty III Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry)


Director Ewa Brocławik
Deputy Director Maria Nowakowska
Secretary Jakub Zakrzewski


Class III Commissions:

 The faculty includes mathematicians, physicists, chemists, astronomers, technicians, and technologists. One of the objectives of its meetings, as well as of the faculty's activities as a whole, is to integrate these disciplines and their exponents to counteract the negative effects of specialisation – necessary though it is – and to explore the possibilities for solving important general problems, while also popularising science in an effective and meaningful way. The faculty recognises the need for still broader integration of scholars, including representatives of the humanities. This is one of the purposes that the special cycle of inter-faculty meetings begun by Adam Bielański is intended to serve. In conjunction with the Institute of Physics at the Jagiellonian University, the faculty issues a monthly journal of international renown: Acta Physica Polonica B.
The faculty awards two prizes:
 - The prof. Marian Mięsowicz Prize for outstanding achievement in physics, which was first awarded in 1997 and is funded by Kraków physics research institutes. Since 2018 it has been awarded every two years.
 - The prof. Adam Bielański Prize for outstanding achievement in Physics, which is funded by Kraków chemistry research institutes. It was first awarded in 2018. Since then, alternating with the prof. Marian Mięsowicz Prize, it has been awarded every two years.
The faculty sponsors scientific conferences, often of an international nature, mainly devoted to questions of physics, mathematics, and astronomy.