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Class V: Medicine


Director Marek Sanak
Deputy Director Ryszard Przewłocki
Secretary Kalina Kawecka-Jaszcz



In view of the advances in experimental and clinical medicine, the Faculty of Medicine was separated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in 1930. Its members include doctors who are specialists in numerous areas of clinical medicine and basic medical sciences, biologists whose research topics are closely related to the medical sciences, and eminent foreign scientists. In laboratories and in clinics at their places of employment, they carry out research in the pre-clinical sciences and in several specialisms of clinical medicine. The primary role of the faculty is to create the proper conditions for scholars from diverse fields and specialisms in the medical sciences to exchange ideas and generate new and creative ones.
The results of their original research, their overviews, and current developments in world medicine are presented in the form of lectures at faculty meetings, to which members of PAU Faculties III and IV, as well as postgraduates and undergraduates, are also invited. The meetings are also made available to a broad, general audience. As a unit within PAU, the faculty organised a symposium devoted to the centenary of the discovery of adrenaline and a satellite session – Polonia Medyczna dla Nauki w Świecie [Medical Polonia for World Science] – at VIII Kongres Polonia Medyczna Światowego Zjazdu Lekarzy Polskich [VIII Congress of the Medical Polonia World Congress of Polish Physicians].
The faculty’s publishing output is presented in the form of abstracts or full papers in publications such as, Transactions of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, Yearbook of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Proceedings of the History of Science Commission, including that commission’s publication entitled: Polscy Twórcy Aparatury Naukowej [Polish Scientific Instrumentation]. Furthermore, PAU has published a book by prof. Jan Albrecht entitled Najczęściej Jestem „ZA” [I am usually in favour], which is a selection of reviews of candidates for the degree of doctor with habilitation, the title of professor, honorary doctorates, and the President of the Council of Minister’s Prize. 
In 2020, a meeting of PAU Faculty V Medicine took place on the Scientific Exchange Platform, during which a lecture entitled, Nałóg kokainowy z perspektywy neurobiologa i farmakologa [Cocaine addiction from the perspective of a neurobiologist and pharmacologist] was given. It is available online at
Where the popularisation of science is concerned, monthly open meetings of the PAU Science Café, led by a member of the Faculty of Medicine, were held until 2020. Of the 21 meetings held since 2017, seven have addressed medical themes and have attracted a great deal of interest from the public. These meetings are now taking place online or in hybrid form.  Among the important issues presented by members of the faculty at meetings is the present state of knowledge regarding COVID-19.
Since 1998, one of the faculty’s important roles has been to award the annual prof. Tadeusz Browicz Prize for outstanding achievements in medical science documented by publications in medical journals of international reach.
The faculty obtains funding for the prize from sponsors.
The faculty cooperated in organising scientific and pedagogic meetings with the Commission on Natural Sciences and Medicine in Wrocław, whose chair was a member of the faculty.
In addition, the faculty works closely with the Scientific Station in Gdańsk and the Scientific Station in Katowice.