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naglowek struktura


Class I: Philology


Director Kazimierz Korus
Deputy Director Roman Mazurkiewicz
Secretary Maciej Włodarski


Class I Commissions:


This faculty is one of PAU’s oldest. It has existed since the Kraków Learned Society was established in 1815. It was the idea of, among others, prof. Jerzy Samuel Bandtkie, who was an outstanding philologist, librarian, bibliographer, historian of linguistics, historian of printing, lexicographer, and editor. When the Kraków Learned Society became the Academy of Arts and Sciences (AU) in 1872, the Classical Philology Commission became one of the main pillars of its structure alongside the History and Philosophy Commission and the Mathematics and Natural Science Commission. Scholars of various philologies (Polish, Classical, English, German, Romance, Slavonic), including linguists and scholars of literature (theorists and historians), as well as art historians, sit on the commission.
The work produced by the commission includes "Treatises" ( and sources relating to Old Poland. Some of the work published by members of Faculty I, such as an edition of Wincenty Kadłubek’s Kronika Polski (written by Kadłubek in Latin) with a critical commentary by Marian Plezia, has appeared in series issued by Faculty II. The faculty regularly organises academic seminars and meetings (open to people from outside the faculty) as well as conferences connected with the interests of its members – sometimes these are anniversaries and sometimes they are dedicated to past scholars.