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The Scientific Library of the PAU and the PAN in Cracow



Director: dr Agnieszka Fluda-Krokos

Deputy Director: mgr Monika Graczyk


The PAU and PAN Academic Library has functioned within the PAU structure since 1 January 2000. Its foundations were laid in the mid-nineteenth century in the Kraków Learned Society. Before 1952 it operated first as the Library of the Academy of Arts and Sciences (from 1872) and then as the PAU library (from 1920). In 1953 it became an independent institution within PAN.  As a result of an understanding reached between PAN and PAU, responsibility for its management was passed to the latter organisation in 1999.
The library holds approximately 745,000 volumes and inventory units, including more than 178,000 volumes and inventory units in the special collections, which house 16,262 old prints, 17,796 manuscripts, and more than 99,500 prints, 2,268 drawings, and 14,727 bookplates. The holdings of prints continue the pre-war collection kept in the PAU Gabinet Rycin [PAU Special Drawings Repository].
The library arranges inter-library loans with 311 institutions in 45 countries and with 77 institutions in Poland, it issues its own yearbook, which contains approximately 50 publisher’s sheets, it compiles and regularly issues catalogues of its own collections, and it provides information services that, among other things, support teaching in institutions of higher education in Kraków. The library has its own Council, half of which is appointed by PAU and half of which is appointed by PAN.
Webpage of the PAU and PAN Academic Library in Kraków: