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naglowek struktura




The Archive of Science of Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN)
and Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences (PAU)


Director: dr hab. Tomasz Pudłocki, prof. UJ



The PAU and PAN Scientific Archive in Kraków is closely connected with the activities of PAU. In addition to the resources of PAN (from 1953), it also stores the files of the Kraków Learned Society (1815–1872) and other Kraków associations – primarily the Academy of Arts and Sciences (from 1872) and PAU (1918–1952 and from 1989), but also the legacies of numerous scholars. Currently, the Archive contains 1,740 linear metres of resources. As a result of an understanding reached between PAN and PAU, it has operated as an independent unit since 1 April 2002 under the name, the PAU and PAN Scientific Archive in Kraków. Until that date, it had been a section of the PAN Archive in Warsaw.
It falls within the structure of the Kraków Branch of PAN and has its own Council, half of which is appointed by PAU and half of which is appointed by PAN. It receives funding from both institutions.
In addition to storing its collections, processing them, and making them available, the Archive holds regular exhibitions combined with conferences and publishes the PAU series known as W służbie nauki [In the Service of Learning].
The Archive works closely with the PAU History of Science Commission.



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