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Tomasz Szybisty

Between Light and Shadows: Reflecting on Varied Conceptual Perspectives on the Peculiar Lambency Suffusing Gothic Churches
as Evidenced by German Literature from the Latter Decades of the Eighteenth Century and the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century  
  [ pdf ]

SUMMARY    [ pdf ]


Virginia Raguin

Old Imagery for a New Century     [ pdf ]

SUMMARY  [ pdf ]


Martin Crampin

The Gothic Revival Character of Ecclesiastical Stained Glass in Britain    [ pdf ]

SUMMARY  [ pdf ]


Daniel Parello

’From the Period of the Deepest Decline of German Ecclesiastical Art’ – Should Artistic Quality Become a Criterion for an Inventory of Stained Glass     [ pdf ]

SUMMARY  [ pdf ]


Valérie Sauterel, Camille Noverraz

The Functioning and Development of Kirsch & Fleckner’s Workshop in Fribourg during the First Half of the Twentieth Century     [ pdf ]

SUMMARY  [ pdf ]


Sílvia Canellas, Núria Gil

Foreign Contributions to Early Twentieth Century Stained Glass Windows of Catalonia     [ pdf ]

SUMMARY  [ pdf ]


Christina Wais-Wolf

Research Project  Corpus Vitrearum – Medieval and Modern Stained Glass in Austria. Investigations into Austrian Stained Glass after 1800 as Part of a Pilot Project at the Austrian Academy of Sciences     [ pdf ]

SUMMARY  [ pdf ]


Cornelia Aman

Middle Ages and Nineteenth Century. The Significance of Historical Interventions in the Documentation of and Research on Stained Glass – a Short Working Report from CVMA Potsdam     [ pdf ]

SUMMARY  [ pdf ]


Daniel Parello, Tomasz Szybisty

A Fourteenth-Century Panel of Heraldic Stained Glass from Annesley Old Church (Nottinghamshire) in a Private Collection in Cracow    
[ pdf ]

SUMMARY  [ pdf ]





Joanna Utzig

Michael Burger, Fenestrae non historiatae. Ornamentale Glasmalerei der Hochgotik in den Regionen am Rhein (1250–1350), Berlin: Deutscher Kunstverlag für Kunstwissenschaft, 2018 (Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi Deutschland, Studien, 3), 256 Pages, Black-and-White and Full-Colour Illustrations     [ pdf ]



Kronika Komisji Historii Sztuki Polskiej Akademii Umiejętności za rok 2018     [ pdf ]