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Poland and Ukraine
Poles and Ukrainians

Relations after 1990



Edited by Volodymyr Horbatenko, Agnieszka Kastory


Translation of texts from Polish into English by Michelle Atallah and Zbigniew Landowski

Translation of texts from Ukrainian into English by Zbigniew Landowski


Kraków 2021





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Spis treści / Table of Contents


  • Preface 
    ( 4-9 )


  • Paweł Skorut
    Ukraine in the Eastern Foreign Policy of Minister Krzysztof Skubiszewski. Between September 12, 1989 and October 26, 1993   
    ( 10-45 )


  • Volodymyr Horbatenko
    Czesław Miłosz’s refl ections on the political ‘diseases’ of the 20th century in the context of harmonizing bilateral relations between Poland and Ukraine. Preliminary remarks
    ( 46-63 )


  • Iryna Matsyshyna
    The ‘Eaglets’ Cemetery debate in the context of Ukraine’s political discourse
    ( 64-83 )


  • Waldemar Rezmer
    The Polish-Ukrainian Forum of Historians 2015–2017 and its results
    ( 84-113 )


  • Leonid Zashkilnyak
    Some theoretical issues on interpretation of Ukrainian-Polish relations in the years of the Second World War
    ( 114-135 )


  • Oksana Kukuruz
    Th e role of scientifi c consulting in the process of forming a good neighbourhood policy between Ukraine and Poland
    ( 136-155 )


  • Alla Kyrydon, Serhiy Troyan
    The Ukrainian-Polish borderland as a heterogeneous sociodynamic space. Th eoretical discourse
    ( 156-174 )


  • Włodzimierz Osadczy
    The Polish cultural-civilizational legacy in Ukraine: histories, conditions, and prospects for the future (on the example of the Lviv Archdiocese)
    ( 175-198 )