Ethical publishing practices



The editors of Folia Historiae Artium do their best to ensure that articles published in the journal conform to the standards of scholarly integrity, in particular preventing the infringement of this integrity by plagiarism, ghostwriting or ghost authorship (honorary authorship). It is considered a case of ghostwriting if a name of a person who substantially contributed to the paper is not recognised in the paper (whether as one of the authors or in acknowledgements). It is considered a guest authorship if a person, whose contribution to the paper was negligible or none at all, is indicated as an author or co-author of the paper.


If a case of plagiarism, ghostwriting or ghost authorship is revealed, the editors will decline to publish the paper, and if such a case is revealed only after the paper has been published, an appropriate declaration denouncing the fact will be published in the subsequent issue of the journal.


In any case, the fact of the infringement of the standards of scholarly integrity will be reported to the employers/supervisors of the author(s).


The journal is published from the funds provided by the Lanckoronski Foundation ( Authors do not have to cover publication expenses (there are no Article Processing Charges; APC), but are solely responsible for providing images and securing the rights for their reproduction in the journal.