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Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences
IV Kongres Polskich Towarzystw Naukowych na Obczyźnie
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IV Kongres Polskich Towarzystw Naukowych na Obczyźnie

Nowoczesne nauczanie tradycji ojczystych - Sybiracy i młodzież

Pod Honorowym Patronatem Prezydenta Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej Bronisława Komorowskiego

Kraków, 4-7 września 2014

Projekt jest współfinansowany ze środków otrzymanych od MSZ


Strona internetowa IV Kongresu Polskich Towarzystw Naukowych na Obczyźnie – kptnno.krakow.pl

Scientific meetings, sessions and conferences at PAU


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For a full list of scientific meetings at PAU planned for this month please click here (available in Polish only).

Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences today

Today's scientific work of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences is focused mainly on Commissions' and Subcommissions' work. There are thirty subject Commissions in different Classes and all of them publish their own series of Works, periodicals or other publication series according to their respective specialties. The result is a serious publishing activity: dozens of volumes yearly.

The PAU owns important elements of scientific background for humanistic research. The Library, completed since nearly 200 years, include many exeptional historical and scientific materials, among them newspapers and journals of 19th and 20th century as well as old prints, manuscripts, graphics and drawings. The Archives, that origins also go back to the Cracow Learned Society, is an invaluable source for history reasearchers. Lately, as the result of agreement with the Historical and Literature Society in Paris, the PAU got back its rights to the Polish Library collection. At present the reorganization works of this so meritorious for Poland institution are in progress.

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