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Guidelines for Authors



The criteria for accepting and publishing manuscripts in the journal


1. Thematic scope and the sections of the journal


Manuscripts submitted for publication must correspond to the character of the journal (see bookmark: About the journal: Scope of the journal and Sections of the journal).



2. Submitting manuscripts for publication, and technical requirements

The manuscript should be sent to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It should be edited in MS Word (in .doc or .docx file format) and meet the requirements of the journal (see: 7. Text formatting).

In particular, the manuscript should include the personal details of the author (including home address, phone number and e-mail address) as well as a declaration (following the template below) that the manuscript has not been printed before or accepted for publication (in a journal, in an edited work or as a part of a monograph).

Should the texts be co-authored, it is required to include relevant information about the contribution of each of the authors.

Texts in Polish are required to include a (very short) summary in Polish and an extensive summary in English (not exceeding 10% of the main text) as well as keywords in Polish and English; analogously, texts in the so-called congress languages (English preferred) are required to include summaries and keywords in the respective language and English. Alternatively, a text in Polish can be submitted with its complete English translation (including keywords and a very short summary).


3. Review principles and the decision to publish

Submitted manuscripts are subject to certain rules of peer review that determine the final acceptance or rejection of the manuscripts for publication (see bookmark: Peer Review procedure).


4. Proofreading

The Editorial Committee reserves the right to make linguistic and editorial changes in the texts accepted for publication. Before publication, the Author (or the Co-author who is the contact person) will receive the text electronically (or exceptionally a hard copy) for proofreading. The amendments made by the Author (or the appointed Co-author) should be clearly marked in the text. The proofreading should be finished until the deadline specified by the Editorial Committee. Failing to submit the text after proofreading to the deadline is tantamount to accepting the text for publication in the version provided by the Editorial Committee.


5. License agreement

The authors of manuscripts accepted for print sign a copyright license (see bookmark: Copyright license form).



6. Citing style in the publications of the journal


We recommend citing articles published in the journal by providing both standard and electronic bibliographic information, e.g.


2013: Cykl audycji radiowych o badaczach historii naturalnej z XIX i XX wieku [A series of radio programs about natural history researchers in the 19th and 20th century]. Prace Komisji Historii Nauki PAU XII, pp. 9–15. Available online: (20.09.2014).


[The format of bibliography used here follows the format adopted by the journal – see: 7. Text formatting – guidelines].



7. Text formatting – guidelines

Manuscripts submitted for publication must follow the journal’s formatting standard. Detailed information on the formatting is provided in the attachment.

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