Review procedure



Folia Historiae Artium. New Series is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal. An overall formal standing of every submitted paper is first assessed by the editorial board who also determine its suitability for the journal, and if the paper passes this initial review, it is sent to two independent reviewers, experts in a field, making sure that the criteria of:

  • anonymity (the so-called double-blind peer-review procedure)
  • absence of conflict of interest between the author and reviewers

have been met.


It is considered a conflict of interest if the author and referee are in a supervisor-employee relationship, have a personal relationship (e.g. family, formal relationship, conflict) and had collaborated during two years before the review is made.


Reviews are made in written form. Reviewers assess papers according to the following criteria:

  • originality of the problem discussed
  • pertinence of the adopted methodology
  • results (to what degree the author has accomplished the planned task)
  • choice of illustrations
  • logical construction of the paper/lucidity and intelligibility of the argument; language and style


In case of starkly differing reviews, the editors may submit a paper for review of a third reader.

Based on reviews, a paper may be: accepted for publication without change; accepted for publication on the condition that amendments indicated by reviewers are made; rejected. Reviews and decision of the editorial board are made known to the author in writing within three months from the initial submission.